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CAT for Windows  Version 6 :  Operating System requirements 
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

   Version 6 Upgrade      For upgrades from Version 5 or Version 6

This upgrade is for existing registered users of CAT for Windows Version 5 or 6.

CAT for Windows Upgrade   Version 6.01 -  September 4 2011       

* Note:  If you are installing Version 6 on a new PC and not upgrading from a previous version first use the  Version 6 Full Installation below.

                                   Download Version v 6.01


Installation Instructions:

Download CAT for Windows v 6.01....  installcatwin2011.exe  ( 1.1 Mb)

Obtain the unlocking password from 92 Computing via email or phone.

Make sure CAT is not currently running on your computer.

Using My Computer or Explorer locate the file downloaded above and then double click this file.Then click the unzip button and enter the required password and the update is unzipped into the folder C:\cat . Close the winzip windows, then using My Computer or Explorer, locate  the file catwin2000.exe in the c:\cat folder. Copy this file to the correct installation folder (see below) replacing the older catwin2000.exe. 

32 bit versions of Windows - Copy the file catwin2000.exe to C:\Program Files\cat 
64 bit versions of Windows - Copy the file catwin2000/exe to
C:\Program Files(x86)\cat.

Once copied this will replace your existing version of CAT for Windows with the latest version.

Then start CAT from the desktop icon and check the latest version appears on the opening screen.  




  Version 6 Full Installation                        Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

CAT for Windows Version 6    Full Installation   (installcatwin2011F.exe)  - Registered Users only

Note: This download  is required to install CAT for Windows Version 6 and will install v6.00.1 released March 2011

Registered users can then upgrade this version using the Version 6 upgrade download link above.

Installation Instructions:               Print Instructions

1. Obtain the unzipping password from 92 Computing

2. Download installcatwin2011F.exe (approx 13 Mb) then using My Computer locate the downloaded file and double click. On the window that appears click Unzip and enter the password  obtained at step 1. The required installation files will then be unzipped into the folder c:\installcat on your hard drive. This will create the setup files required for the installation in the folder c:\installcat .

3, Install CAT - In My Computer open the C: drive then open the folder installcat. Locate the file setup.exe. Double click this icon to start the installation of CAT for Windows version 5 Follow the steps accepting the default installation folder c:\Program Files\cat

4.  Tournament Folders - Navigate again using My Computer to the folder c:\installcat. Locate the file installtournament.exe. Double click this file to create new tournament folders. The default folder is c:\cat. Create at least one tournament folder by unzipping using the unzip button. 

Note : If installing over existing CAT tournament folders backups MUST be made before unzipping this file. These backups can then be restored after the upgrade from within CAT.

5. If you do not have winzip on your computer Install winzip - Locate the file winzip81.exe in the c:\installcat folder and install this program to facilitate backup/restore processes within CAT.

6. Create a desktop startup icon (if necessary) - To create a desktop icon click Start then All Programs, locate the CAT icon within the CAT folder. Right drag this icon onto the desktop and then select copy. A CAT icon appears on the desktop. Right click this icon and then left click properties. In the Shortcut tab change the Start in folder to c:\cat then apply and close this window. CAT can now be started from this icon on the desktop.

7. Save the CAT registration file catrego.exe into your CAT tournament folder c:\cat and obtain the registration number from 92 Computing


Version 5 Additional Downloads

 Download Microsoft Data Access Components v2.7

 Download Beta test Language Files (Version 5.13)


 Latest Documents

                                   Documentation v 5.62

                                   Documentation v 5.6

                                   Documentation v 5.5    

                                   Documentation v 5.4                                 

                                   Documentation v 5.3 & v 5.2


Manual  (Adobe Acrobat  . pdf format)

To save the files below to your hard drive, right click the link below and select Save Target As and follow prompts


Tutorial  (Adobe Acrobat  . pdf format)

CAT Tutorial Files - (upgrade for existing users only - to be placed in your CAT tournament folders)


Free Demo  ( Version 4)

Installation Instructions:

Step 1:  Download Version 4 full install below - installcatwin2000.exe (approx 5Mb)    
Download CAT for Windows version 4.
Using My Computer or Explorer locate this file and double click to unzip into the folder installcat on your hard drive. This will create the setup files required for the installation.

Step 2: Using My Computer or Explorer, locate and open the above folder installcat. Within this folder locate and double click installcatdemo.exe. This will install a tournament folder in the folder C:\cat as well as all the required tutorial data files.

Step 3:  In the installcat folder double click the setup.exe icon. This will commence the installation of CAT for Windows. Follow the prompts and the CAT for Windows program file catwin2000.exe will be installed  in the folder c:\Program Files\cat.

Step 5:  To start CAT  click Start, then programs and locate the CAT icon in the list and click this icon. If asked for a tournament folder respond with C:\CAT. A desktop icon can be created if required by right dragging the CAT icon onto the desktop.

Step 6: The Tutorial  and Manual can also be downloaded above. The demonstration system requires the tutorial booklet and tutorial tournament data correlates to the instructions in the tutorial booklet.

Installation Notes:    Windows 95, Windows 98, 98 se,  ME,  2000, XP

UPDATE 1 -  If a reference to missing ADODC database files appears when accessing Player Entries and or the Lookup feature in Player Entries this update will be required. Check firstly that in the cat tournament folder the files catpi.mdb and cat.mdb are present. This additional file will need to be downloaded and installed to install extra Microsoft support files for  data access. This file, mdac_typ.exe is not included in the standard download above to save space. Download this file (7.3Mb) then double click the file in my computer and follow the instructions to install this update. This update may not be required if Office 2000 or Internet Explorer 5 have been installed or the operating system is Windows 98 2nd Edition, Windows ME, Windows NT (Service pack 6) or Windows 2000.  Download ADODC Update from Microsoft.

UPDATE 2 -  If references to outdated DLL files appear once CAT is installed or the installation of CAT for Windows fails due to outdated files or problems registering files in the Windows registry  it is recommended the following update be installed then try the CAT for Windows installation again. This file updates Microsoft support files needed for CAT for Windows installations. 

Download vbrun60sp4.exe

Download vbrun60sp5.exe

UPDATE 3 - Download Data Access Components v2.6

UPDATE 4 - Download Data Access Components v2.7

Version 4    Program file Installation   (installcatwin2000.exe)

CAT for Windows  Version 4 :  Operating System requirements
Windows 95, 98,  98se,  ME, NT, 2000 or Windows XP or Windows Vista

Note: This download  is required to install CAT for Windows Version 4 and will install v4.63 released June 2002.

Installation Instructions:
Download installcatwin2000.exe (approx 5.5Mb) then using My Computer locate the file and double click to unzip into the folder c:\installcat on your hard drive. This will create the setup files required for the installation in the folder c:\installcat.

To install CAT for Windows double click the setup icon in this folder to install CAT for Windows version 4. 

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