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CAT Demo System           FREE DOWNLOAD

All the features of CAT standard except printing and exporting. Supplied with tutorial data which can be restored to the significant stages of a sample tennis tournament. Cannot be used to add your own tournament data. Free download from the internet at Tutorial booklet and CAT manual can also be downloaded. See Downloads

CAT Tournament Licence    CAT 12 Month Licence AUD $100 yearly

All the features of CAT Professional in a time limited version, with a licence to run tournaments for one year. The licence must then be renewed each year, by paying the licence fee yearly. The user then receives the latest version each year upon renewal.

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CAT Basic                          AUD $ 200

Features Player Data Entry, Event Draw Creation - All features, Result Entry, Event Draw printing

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CAT Standard                   AUD $ 300

CAT Basic Features plus Time Draw (Daily Match Schedules), Financial Management, Player Time exemptions

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CAT Professional             AUD $ 400

All the features of the Basic and Standard editions plus Event Draws (Limit 92 events) plus Consolation Draws - Feed In, Plate, Compass, Round 1, Continuous Feed In, Import/Export to and from external databases and internet exporting, Tournament multiple day planner, Internet Upload

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Tournament Management Solutions  



System Requirements

CAT for Windows

IBM PC Compatible running Windows 7 8 or 10
12Mb Hard Disk Space, 64Mb RAM, Pentium or higher processor
Any windows compatible printer

Minimum - Windows 98, 64Mb RAM, Pentium 166 Mhz, ink jet printer, dial up internet connection

Recommended - Windows 10, 2gb RAM, Core i3  or faster, laser printer, broadband internet connection.


CAT Support

CAT support is FREE and available via email, phone  . Upgrades are FREE if downloaded from the internet.

92 Computing
Steve Longworth
Sidonia Road,
PO Box 362
Hay, NSW 2711, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6993 1755
Mobile +61 418 695492



CAT for Windows Overview

The world’s first tournament to be managed with the aid of a computer software was in October 1980 at Hay NSW Australia. The first version of CAT- Computer Assisted Tournaments was used on an Apple IIe computer with 64KB of RAM to produce the player’s schedule for each day’s play for this tournament. Since then, CAT has been developed through CAT for DOS, an IBM PC conversion which was developed in the early 1990’s. The latest versions CAT for Windows have been available from 1997 resulting in a product that has had over twenty four years development.

CAT is exactly what the name suggests - Computer ASSISTED Tournaments. CAT is an assistant to the tournament director and referee. CAT does not replace or dictate to the tournament organisers. It is a fully flexible and time saving tool which leads to well managed and organised tournaments.

The power of CAT is in the Time Draw - a schedule of matches for each day’s play. The Time Draw was first developed to manage Australian country tennis tournaments where players are permitted to enter in up to 5 or 6 events, with any partners in mixed and doubles events. Typically these tournaments are graded with open, graded and junior and perhaps veterans events and many overlaps with players between the events. Also in these tournaments different events may be playing 3 sets, some first to 9, others in Round Robin events playing first to 6. The total number of events can exceed 45 with over 500 players. Players can be expected to play several matches per day so that the tournaments can be finished in 3,4 or 5 days. To add to this players are allowed to nominate time exemptions for each day’s play. Typically courts available are limited and open to the vagaries of the weather so the Time Draw that is created must maximise the court utilisation to the fullest.

In these tournaments it is not possible to plan the entire tournament before the tournament starts. Usually a rough plan is made for the Open events, but what is played on other days in the remaining events depends upon who wins matches each day. The Time Draw in CAT is based exactly on the steps used in a manual system - in fact this same system was used for several years before the creation of CAT software. The Time Draw in CAT is ten thousand times faster than the manual system it is based upon.

Once Time Draws are created the Alter Time Draw module allows a simple matrix of the schedule to be presented on screen and the schedule can be adjusted, overriding the original constraints that created the initial Time Draw.

Time Draw produces a schedule for the day’s play which then is presented to the control desk or desks if you are using more than one venue. This information in printed form is then used to manage the tournament for the day’s play. This process is left to the tournament director, referee and the control desk. Any changes can be made and matches are allocated to court according to the decisions of the match control. CAT will even suggest on the printed match slips or sheets which matches should be allocated to court first - using the premise that those players with matches coming up after the current match should be allocated to court before players with no follow on matches. If extra matches need to be scheduled during a day's play then CAT can also assist in this task. One of the major advantages is the management of rain delays where adjusted schedules can easily be made.

The Time Draw in CAT is just as flexible and powerful when managing simpler tournaments. Such tournaments involve players in fewer events, say a singles event, a doubles event and perhaps a consolation singles event with the tournament running for a week, with players playing one or two matches a day. In these tournaments it is possible to plan which rounds are to be played on each day, weather permitting. CAT has a special tool - the Tournament Planner allowing the full schedule to be planned for the entire tournament.

CAT is much much more than just a scheduling tool. All aspects of a tournament are covered. CAT manages the tournament entries, creating lists of entrants allowing the entries to be double checked to ensure no errors have been made. CAT creates event draws with all the standard seeding patterns used in all tournaments, allowing for all types of rules for allocating the seeds to lines on the draw. CAT also uses a unique match numbering system which quickly identifies every match in a tournament. CAT allows changes to be made to the event draws with very simple point and mouse click techniques.

Entering results into CAT is simple and extremely fast in the Match Results module. This tool makes entering results an easy task for any of the match control staff. Results once entered are automatically transferred to the event draws and these can be printed at any time. Event Draws can be printed or exported for internet publication. Results can also be printed or exported in a list format for faxing or emailing to the media.

Once a tournament is completed all final draws and summaries of winners, runner up of each event can be printed or exported. The entry database for the tournament can then be used for the following years tournaments if required.

CAT is more than a software package as it also comes with a management system which you can adapt in full or select the features that best suit your tournaments. CAT represents the best management system available for managing tournaments and it is definitely the time saving solution for you.

CAT Major Features


* Nomination of tournament title, year of the tournament, anticipated number of players (900 maximum), number of courts (60 maximum) at up to ten different venues, names and types of events (singles, doubles, mixed or team events with a maximum of 92 events, Knockout events - up to 128 players for each event, Optional Consolation or handicap draws for each knockout event, Round Robin - up to 10 players or pairs per division with multiple divisions per event), event entry fees, date for calculation of ages for age events..


* Entry of Players information from entry forms - surnames, given names, sex, events entered (maximum 6), doubles partners, club or association or country, first time available to play, grading or grade rating, date of birth (if required for age events e.g. junior or veteran events), address, phone number, email, comments and player code fields available for each player.
* Automatic calculation of players ages as of the user set date.
* Automatic rejection of players entered into incorrect events e.g. wrong sex or age group.
* Reports including players in events, players entry information, anticipated matches remaining, event lists and doubles partners for each player. Lists of male or female and particular age groups can be printed.
* Players can be set to be unavailable for periods during any days play.
* Late entries catered for at any time.
* Full entry and editing of all player's entries before or after the creation of the event draws.


* Automatic calculation of fees payable, entry of payments received, extra charges and maximum charges catered for, receipt printing, transaction printing, payment lists.
* Fee collection before and during the tournament.


* Knockout, round robin, handicap or automatic consolation event draws, including feed in events, plate events, compass events and first round or first match losers and rated draws.
* Automatic, seeded, random or manual event draw creation. Choice of eight types of draw constructing patterns.
* Full management of seeds and placement onto the event draws, including random allocation of seeds to correct positions on the draw.
* Event Draws can be checked for players from the same country or club playing each other in the first and/or second round and the event draw automatically re-organised to avoid these clashes. Alerts indicating seeded players from the same club, country in the third and fourth rounds.
* Changes to event draws at any stage after creating an event draw, allowing for any changes to be made to event draw at any stage.
* Printing of event draws using any windows compatible printer. Seeded players on draws shown in bold print with seed indicated in brackets. Exporting of event draws for internet publication in colour if required.


* Number of matches to play in each event and the tournament, including each player's possible matches remaining to play and events entered.
* All event draws are checked for  - players in an event twice, players in more than six events, players playing the same opposition in different events, males in female events and vice versa, doubles partners playing each other in a singles event or any errors in the event draw creation.
* On screen viewing and scrolling of event draws. Quick find feature to locate and display players in event draws.
* Priority File indicating players with the most matches to play in the tournament. This file can be used to assist when scheduling to ensure players with the most matches to play get as many matches as possible early in the tournament.

TIME DRAW DATA - in preparation for scheduling.

* Nomination of courts available and anticipated length of matches, allowing for accurate timing of the tournament. Any length of match permitted e.g. 5 sets, 3 sets, First to 9, Best of 8 games, First to 15.
* Match separation (the minimum time between matches for a player) from 30 minutes to over 6 hours.
* Any starting and finishing time with 30 minute, 45 minute time slots or custom time slots, allowing for any required time intervals.
* Event allocation to court venues, including a split venue feature allowing play at one venue until a nominated time then transferring to another venue.
* Nomination of event order for automatic match timetabling.
* Event timetabling restrictions to prevent timetabling of matches from a round onwards in an event draw or matches in an event before or after nominated times.

TIME DRAW - Scheduling

* Creation of a complete days time draw of matches in advance. Time Draws for a subsequent day or days play can also be created in advance (for an unlimited number of day' play!).
* CAT allows a draw to be created manually and then recreated in CAT or far preferably will create the Time Draw for you in a fraction of the time required to make a manual draw. The Automatic process has full user involvement with all constraints entered before the Time Draw is scheduled. Once a Time Draw is created it can be easily modified with the Alter Time Draw matrix.
* Numerous facilities for timetabling matches from fully automatic, earliest times for a match or an event, all matches in an event at one time and nominated times for individual matches plus fully automatic scheduling modes.
* CAT can even assist by suggesting which matches should be scheduled first to alleviate tie-ups towards the end of a tournament. Match priority file timetabling those players with the most matches remaining first can eliminate scheduling problems.
* Scheduling of matches in an event including first round matches and possible matches involving winners from previous rounds. All matches in an event can be scheduled in advance if required.
* Time Draw for 400 matches can be scheduled in less than two seconds using fully automatic mode. (based on Pentium 90)
* Scheduling of matches from Round Robin Draws allowing matches from all or any rounds and divisions to be scheduled.
* Consolation events can be timetabled once rounds from main draw are scheduled.
* Up to eleven different Time Draws can be permanently saved and then restored and reprinted or extra matches scheduled. Time Draws once created can be easily modified using the on screen alter time draw matrix..
* Optional allocation of actual court numbers to all matches allowing for individual court timetables to be produced.
* Full viewing of all Time Draw details on screen before printing, including matches scheduled, player schedules and courts available.
* Printer listings include; matches scheduled, match slips, match sheets, alphabetical player timetables, controller summaries, first matches for players, players required for specific times, individual player's time draws. Event Draws can be printed showing match times for matches, with optional venue and court number, for a series of day's play.
* Information sheets allowing schedules and or entry information to be posted to players before the tournament.
* Separate time draws for each court venue can be printed.
* Match priority symbols on match slips or match sheets allowing for the best allocation of matches by tournament controllers.
* Players owing money can be indicated on prints. Players knocked out of the tournament can be omitted from all prints.
* Explanation sheet to accompany players timetables.
* Full management of handicap events, including entry of handicaps for each player in an event and automatic calculation of net handicap and printing of handicap tables for matches scheduled by Time Draw.
* Full explanation of the CAT tournament management system, including use of court cards and boards


* Quick and extremely simple entry of match results via the match slip number or the event and match number.
* Printing of updated draws showing winners and scores for all matches played including results in Round Robin table format.
* Exporting facilities to allow CAT information to be exported, including results of matches played, event draws with results and names and address details.
* Round Robin ladders indicating players leading each round robin pool. Creation of final playoffs between division winners with use of the archive draw features.
* Main Draw losers are automatically allocated to the correct position in Consolation events, from the results entered in the main draw.
* Editing of draws, late entries, name changes and any other alterations to the draws can be made at any time.


* Multiple Time Draws for the a sequence of days play can be created. Follow On Time Draws can be created for a following Days play. A Follow on Time Draw will remember all the matches played in the first Time Draw and then create another draw based on this information.


* Printing of winners and runners up for each event, results for each event and scores in finals for all events. Printing of results for individual players in the tournament showing all matches won or lost.
* Printing of all draws with results, or archiving as a disk copy, as a permanent record of the tournament.
* Export of all players and results of all matches to disk.


* Simple spreadsheet type planner allowing a full plan to be entered for multiple day tournaments showing the matches to be played each day in each event. Automatic calculation of total matches remaining which is updated as the tournament progresses.


* Simple backup procedures from within CAT are provided to ensure security of all the data entered.
* Upload to the internet of schedules and event draws supported from within CAT from Version 5.


* With Custom time slots set to days or dates and events set to teams events CAT can be used to manage within club teams competitions.
* Creation of Round robin competitions and printing of weekly draw and results tables.
* Entry of results after each round and printing of results and ladder for each division of the competition.


* Exporting of information from CAT to text files allowing for maintenance of tournament mailing lists and records of participants in tournaments. Importing of players and information into CAT from text files can reducing data entry time, including the new CAT lookup facilities, which can display the players for up to the last 6 CAT tournaments for entering in a new tournament.


*92 Computing offers a free tournament publication service for CAT tournaments on this web site which include the player schedule and event draws, similar to the existing tournaments shown on the main page. Users can now directly publish their tournaments from their PC to the CAT web site - all that is needed is an internet connection.


* CAT is supplied with a comprehensive manual and tutorial on CD and these are available as a free download from this website.
* The Tutorial guides users through a small sample three day tournament from the input and editing of players entries, creation of event draws, time draws, entry of results, construction of each following days draws and printing of final results. It provides tasks to allow new users to become familiar with the major features and procedures of CAT.


* When CAT is received, a registration number will need to be obtained from 92 Computing to license CAT for the exclusive use of your Club or Association.


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