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Australian Representative Team Nomination

 Young Seniors nominations

Closing 8pm
Tuesday April 19, 2022


Selection criteria for Australian Teams

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 Under the TA travel policy, there is no cover for loss of deposits and cancellation cover in respect to Covid-19.
  However, AIG sit silent on medical coverage/costs related to the pandemic i.e. all Covid-19 related medical
claims would be considered on their merits in accordance with usual policy terms and conditions.

All players are responsible for making sure they can meet all travel requirement for exiting and returning to Australia,
 as well as all travel requirement for USA or Portugal prior to applying.

When selecting the Australian 2022 Teams consideration will be taken for results 2019 to present.






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Australian State


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Team Cup


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I wish to nominate for selection to represent Australia in the following
ITF world teams championships - you must nominate in your age group


  Passport information is a Tennis Australia requirement




The selectors will have access to all your results for any IPIN events through the ITF Seniors Website. If you wish to add any additional results or add supporting documentation to your application then please click the link below to fill in additional information. This should be done after submitting your nomination below using the Send Nomination button. The additional information is to be typed using pdf file provided via the link below then saved on your computer then emailed separately as an attachment to the email address mentioned on the form .



Tennis Seniors Australia Incorporated   (Trading as Tennis Seniors Australia)
                                       A.B.N.  97 011 308  481

Nomination Conditions


I submit the online Nomination and Consent Form as I wish to be considered for selection in the

Australian team to compete in the -


2022  ITF World Young Senior Teams Championships (age group 35+ years to 45+ years)


Young Seniors       Portugal


Teams                Sunday 31st August - Friday 5th September 2022


The updated Selection Policy and the TSA Consent form (which you will be required to sign if you
are selected) will be available to be viewed/printed via the link at the top of the form.

Note you can only nominate for a Team in your Age Group as determined by your age at the
31st December, 2022. You are not eligible to nominate for any younger teams, and if TSA wishes
to consider completing a younger team with older players, then it will contact you for your consent
before you are considered for such a place.

By nomination and confirming your agreement in the boxes below, you agree to the terms of the
Tennis Seniors Australia Selection Policy, the Player Agreement and Release Form and the ITF
Senior Regulations. If selected, you also agree to complete and return a Consent form by the date
requested by Tennis Seniors Australia.

Your nomination will NOT be accepted, unless you agree to these terms and conditions and the
Player Agreement and Release Form where indicated below.

Your nomination represents a commitment to compete.  Please fully consider all matters such as
your physical fitness and health, family and business responsibilities, leave from work, financial
costs or any other personal reason which might affect your availability at the time of the Teams
Competition. Any withdrawal after selection is a serious matter of concern as it could affect
compliance with ITF Regulations as well as impacting a number of other people.

 If you intend to compete in the ITF Individual World Championships immediately following the
Teams Championships, you are obliged to meet your full playing commitments in that event.
Your return travel arrangements must allow for this.

Travel Insurance will be provided by Tennis Australia and will cover players for a reasonable period
before and after the Cups and Individual Championships, to allow for travel time to the venue and
arriving early for practice. The travel insurance provided will NOT cover trips extended before or
beyond these dates, or any trips undertaken for private purposes or to attend other tournaments.
Players will need to take out additional travel insurance to cover these periods.

If you do not have the current Australian clothing and tracksuit please advise Di Cassel.

Please ensure your passport is current and has at least six months validity from your expected
 return date from overseas.

Late nominations will not be considered under any circumstances after the closing deadline
which is shown above.

   Please type YES  to indicate you have read and understood the above Nomination conditions.


Player Agreement & Release

I wish to nominate for selection to represent Australia in the ITF’s World Teams Championships as shown above.

I certify that:


I am eligible to represent Australia as I hold a current valid Australian passport, have lived in
Australia for 24 consecutive months at some time, and have not represented any other country
during the 36 months which will precede the Cup for which I am nominating.

I am/will be of the age required by 31st December of the year for which I am nominating.

I am a registered financial member of (State or Territory) Division of Tennis Seniors Australia
selected above.

I have fully considered all matters such as my physical fitness and health, family and business
responsibilities, leave from work, financial costs or any other personal reason which might effect
my availability at the time of the Cup competition.

I have not nominated to represent any other country in the event that I may hold dual citizenship.

I acknowledge that it is an honour to represent Australia and if selected I undertake to:

arrive in sufficient time (the preceding Friday at the latest) before the event to practise with the
team and attend the opening ceremony.

notify the Group Co-ordinator immediately of any injuries or serious illnesses I suffer between
now and the event.

help to boost team morale and I will, as much as possible, support my teammates and attend
any team bonding session.

comply with the reasonable directions of the Team Captain.

in the event that personality conflicts do arise, I will handle these in a mature manner with the
Captain, and if they cannot be resolved at that level, then with the Group Co-ordinator.

not display a poor attitude or bad sportsmanship may reflect badly on my country.

wear the team playing uniform in all matches and other appropriate clothing as advised.

use official team clothing provided or additional purchases made by me for my personal use only,
and complete and return all forms, and provide all additional information requested by Tennis
Seniors Australia within required timeframes;

I acknowledge that failure to comply with these undertakings may affect my selection prospects in future years,
and in extreme cases (e.g. failing to arrive or arriving injured without proper notifications) I may be asked to
refund payments that have been made to me.

In submitting a nomination form I agree, as condition of nomination, that for myself and my executors, administrators,
heirs and personal representatives, all claims of any kind, nature and description are waived, including past,
present and future claims and injuries if any sustained in travelling to or from or participating in competition,
against Tennis Seniors Australia, Tennis Australia, the ITF, host nations and sponsors of the competition.

Type  I agree in the text box below to acknowledge your acceptance
of the player agreement & release above.

Player Agreement




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